What is Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth in 2023? Personal Life, Career And More

Floyd Mayweather, an American boxing promoter and ex-boxer, boasts a internet well worth of $460 million. There’s speculation that at one point, his wealth passed a thousand million greenbacks, primarily because he earned between 300 to four hundred million dollars in keeping with fight.




However, it’s uncertain how his internet well worth settled at the modern-day parent. In 2014 and 2015, he topped the listing as the highest-earning athlete globally.

In 2007, his boxing healthy with Oscar set a non-public report, promoting close to 2.5 million pay-in keeping with-perspectives. While Mayweather is renowned for his undefeated streak in expert boxing, many might be surprised to learn that he changed into defeated by a Bulgarian boxer inside the 1996 Olympics semifinals.

Mayweather’s lavish lifestyle consists of possession of a non-public jet and seven residences. The house he currently occupies is worth about $35 million.

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Net Worth: $460 Million
Age: 46
Born: February 24, 1977
Gender: Male
Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Boxer
Last Updated: March 8, 2023


Key Facts:

  • Floyd Mayweather was born to Deborah Sinclair and Floyd Mayweather Sr. On February 24, 1977.
  • He stepped into the boxing world in 1996 and clinched his first World name through October 3rd, 1998.
  • Throughout his career, Mayweather confronted ambitious warring parties along with Oscar de los angeles Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, Miguel Cotto, Marcos Maidana, and Zab Judah.
  • Just from his bouts with Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather raked in over half 1000000000 greenbacks.
  • Mayweather’s trophy cupboard boasts numerous World titles, including the WBC high-quality light-weight, WBC welterweight, IBF welterweight, The Ring lightweight, and The Ring light middleweight championships, among others.
  • With a excellent record, Mayweather retired undefeated with fifty victories.
  • Over the span of his profession, Mayweather’s income handed the 1 billion greenback mark.
  • While he announced his retirement in 2017, Mayweather occasionally makes appearances within the boxing ring.

Floyd Mayweather’s remarkable net well worth of $460 million is a testament to his prowess both inside and outside the boxing ring.


Much of his wealth has been gathered through his boxing career, wherein he frequently took domestic between 300 to four hundred million greenbacks for a unmarried combat.

This outstanding profits from person fits, blended with endorsements and other enterprise ventures, as soon as caused speculations that his internet really worth had even crossed one thousand million dollars.


Apart from his profits from fights, Mayweather has astutely monetized his logo and fame, venturing into promotions and other moneymaking offers.

His monetary adventure, but, has visible its ebbs and flows, with his internet worth fluctuating over the years.

Yet, his function as one of the wealthiest athletes in the international remains undisputed.


Early Years

Born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr to start with bore the surname Sinclair, which become modified shortly after his birth. Boxing ran deep in his circle of relatives; his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr, become a welterweight contender, and his uncles, Jeff and Roger, were additionally professional boxers.


Given this lineage, one would possibly argue that boxing become Floyd’s inevitable course. From a younger age, he become interested in the sport.

Even whilst he considered looking for employment, his family advocated him to live dedicated to schooling.

Life wasn’t clean for younger Floyd. His mom battled drug dependancy, and his father faced imprisonment for drug-associated offenses. Before his father’s incarceration, he become largely absent from Floyd’s life, only becoming a giant presence whilst Floyd commenced boxing.

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The challenges extended to his environment; heroin needles outdoor his home had been a common sight, and he lost an aunt to AIDS because of her drug use.

Reflecting on his beyond, Floyd once stated, “At round eight or nine years old, I lived in New Jersey with my mom.

We have been cramped, seven of us in a single bedroom, frequently without power.

People who see my fulfillment now can’t fathom the hardships I confronted growing up.”

Though Floyd attended Ottawa Hills High School, he didn’t complete his education.


Instead, he chose to leave college and consciousness on boxing, hoping it might be the price ticket out of poverty for his family.


His uncle, Roger Mayweather, played a pivotal position in this adventure, schooling him and guiding him closer to a expert boxing profession.


Mayweather’s career stands as a testament to his exceptional skills and determination to the sport of boxing.

In his early days, Mayweather showcased his prowess as an novice, clinching three country wide Golden Gloves titles in 1993, 1994, and 1996.


His protective mastery, a gift from his father and uncle’s teachings, left him notably unscarred, earning him the moniker “Pretty Boy.”

The 1996 Atlanta Olympics saw Mayweather clinching a bronze within the featherweight class.


He triumphed over combatants from Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Cuba however confronted a arguable defeat in opposition to Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov. The suit’s conclusion turned into mired in confusion, with the referee mistakenly raising Mayweather’s hand, wondering he had gained.


The U.S. Team lodged a protest, alleging bias from the Bulgarian boxing officers, however to no avail.


Turning expert in 1996, Mayweather started his journey within the first rate featherweight department.


His debut suit towards Roberto Apodaca in October that yr resulted in a knockout victory for Mayweather.

By 1998, he had already clinched his first World title, defeating Genaro Hernandez.


Mayweather’s versatility saw him competing across a couple of weight training, from light-weight to light middleweight.

His attraction wasn’t just restrained to the ring; he became a huge “Pay Per View” draw and consistently featured on Forbes’ highest-paid athletes list from 2012 onwards.


With an enviable document of 50 wins and no losses, with 27 of these victories coming by way of knockout, Mayweather’s dominance in the sport is undeniable.


In 2007, he transitioned to the enterprise side of boxing, organising Mayweather Promotions.

This venture allowed him to remain influential in the boxing world even after his retirement in 2017.

However, retirement didn’t imply the stop of his appearances in the ring.


He made occasional comebacks, like his bouts in opposition to Logan Paul in 2021 and previous sparring partner Don Moore.

His contributions to boxing have been diagnosed in 2021 while he changed into inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, becoming a member of the ranks of different legends like Arturo Gatti and Miguel Cotto.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hails from a family deeply rooted in boxing. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and mom, Deborah Sinclair, gave him a legacy that he carried ahead with pleasure.


He shares his lifestyles with 4 siblings: Justin Mayweather Jones, Fannie Orr, Deltricia Tawanna Howard, and Fatimah Mayweather.

While Mayweather’s boxing profession has been in the public eye, so has his private existence.


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He’s been worried in several excessive-profile relationships and even got engaged, but never took the step to marry.

Despite this, he’s a father to five kids: Iyanna, Zion Shamaree, Jirah, Devion Cromwell, and Koraun Mayweather.


Being a worldwide icon, Mayweather has faced his percentage of controversies.


Notably, in 2017, the IRS claimed he owed over $22 million in unpaid taxes. Mayweather responded, citing a loss of liquid property to settle the debt but promised reimbursement from his upcoming combat income in opposition to Conor McGregor.

The IRS, however, pressed for fast price. Adding to the financial speculations, rapper 50 Cent, once a near buddy of Mayweather, cautioned on social media that the boxer changed into on the brink of financial ruin.


Mayweather right away refuted these claims.

Legal troubles have additionally been a part of Mayweather’s life. In the early 2000s, he confronted more than one expenses associated with domestic violence and battery. In 2011, he became sentenced to 90 days in county prison, mandated one hundred hours of network provider, and required to attend a home violence application for a yr.


During his prison time period, Mayweather sought early release, bringing up health concerns, but the request become denied by way of the court.


How Mayweather Splurges His Fortune

Floyd Mayweather, with his substantial income, has advanced a penchant for the finer things in existence.

  1. Real Estate: Mayweather’s property portfolio is not anything quick of fantastic.

His number one residence is a luxurious eleven-bed room mansion in Las Vegas, purchased for a cool $10 million. This isn’t his most effective Las Vegas belongings, though.

He additionally boasts houses in New York and a lavish $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills, whole with its personal candy keep and film theatre.


  1. Business Ventures: Beyond his boxing profession, Mayweather has ventured into the enterprise international. He owns the Mayweather Boxing Club and has also invested in a Gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas named Girl Collection.


  1. Luxury Vehicles: Mayweather’s love for automobiles is obvious in his collection. His garage homes a fleet of luxury automobiles, collectively well worth numerous million dollars.


  1. Jewelry and Watches: Mayweather doesn’t pull away from flaunting his wealth with an array of high-give up watches and jewelry portions.


  1. Private Jets: The boxer owns not one, but two private jets. The $60 million Gulfstream G650, affectionately named “Air Mayweather,” proudly displays his name and boxing file on its wingtips. His 2d jet, a $30 million Gulfstream III, is commonly for his entourage. When touring with pals, Mayweather generally uses “Air Mayweather,” while his team uses the alternative.


  1. Sports Betting: Mayweather is likewise known for his penchant for sports making a bet. He regularly stocks his large winnings on social media. Notably, he as soon as pocketed over $200,000 from a wager at the Seattle Seahawks in opposition to the Washington Redskins. And in a circulate of last confidence, he’s even been regarded to location bets on himself.


Here are a number of the largest highlights of Mayweather’s profession:

  • WBC World Super-Featherweight identify – October 3, 1998 (VS Genaro Hernandez)
  • WBC World Super-Featherweight title – January 20, 2001 (VS Diego Corrales)
  • WBC World Lightweight title – April 20, 2002 (VS Jose Luis Castillo)
  • WBC World Light-Welterweight title – June 25, 2005 (VS Arturo Gatti)
  • IBF & IBO World Welterweight titles – April 8, 2006 (VSZab Judah)
  • WBC World Light-Middleweight title – May 5, 2007 (VS Oscar De La Hoya)
  • WBC World Welterweight title – December eight, 2007 (VS Ricky Hatton)
  • WBC World Welterweight title – September 17, 2011 (VS Victor Ortiz)
  • WBC & WBA World Light-Middleweight titles – September 14, 2013 (VSSaul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez)
  • WBC, WBA, WBO World Welterweight titles – May 2, 2015 (VSManny Pacquiao)
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Floyd Mayweather – Highest Paid Fights

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar de los angeles Hoya (2007) – $25 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley (2010) – $30 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto (2012) – $40 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero (2013) – $50 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez (2015) – $forty two million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao (2015) – $250 million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor (2017) – $three hundred million
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul (2021) – $35 million


While many athletes depend heavily on endorsements, Floyd Mayweather has taken a exceptional technique.

He’s been selective, with only some manufacturers making the reduce.

During his plenty-predicted combat against Pacquiao, three agencies – Hublot, Burger King, and FanDuel – paid a hefty $1 million each for a gap on his boxing shorts.

Mayweather’s selectiveness isn’t because of a lack of hobby from manufacturers.

He found out to Fortune that his entry charge for endorsements is a steep $1 million, a price too excessive for lots. However, his beyond brushes with the regulation may deter a few capacity sponsors.


The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation stands as a testomony to Mayweather’s dedication to giving again.

Established by means of the boxing legend himself, the muse’s undertaking is to uplift people and improve their excellent of lifestyles.

It objectives to foster increase and instill self-notion in humans.

Mayweather’s philanthropic efforts aren’t restricted to his foundation.

He has reportedly prolonged resource to several African countries over time.

Furthermore, the Floyd Mayweather Foundation actively encourages a wholesome lifestyle. It organizes events like marathons and different sports activities-related activities, selling wellbeing and community engagement.


Who trained Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather became trained often by using his uncle, Roger Mayweather. However, his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., also played a sizeable position in his boxing training.

Has He ever been defeated in a professional boxing suit?

No, Floyd Mayweather retired with an undefeated file of 50 wins and 0 losses.

What is the “Money” nickname associated with Floyd Mayweather?

“Money” is one in all Floyd Mayweather’s nicknames, highlighting his giant profits and extravagant life-style.

Why is Floyd Mayweather considered one of the excellent protecting boxers?

Mayweather is famend for his protective strategies, which he found out from his father and uncle.

These abilities allowed him to keep away from significant harm in fights, incomes him the nickname “Pretty Boy.”

Has He fought any MMA warring parties?

Yes, in 2017, Mayweather fought Conor McGregor, a renowned MMA fighter, in a boxing in shape. Mayweather won the bout.

What are some different ventures of Floyd Mayweather outdoor of boxing?

Outside of boxing, Mayweather has ventured into business with the Mayweather Boxing Club and a Gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas named Girl Collection. He’s also known for his sports betting sports.

Final Words

Floyd Mayweather’s journey from the streets of Grand Rapids to becoming one of the world’s wealthiest athletes is not anything quick of inspirational. His determination to the game, mixed along with his business acumen, has made him a worldwide icon.

While his boxing prowess is simple, his life outside the hoop, packed with controversies, philanthropy, and indulgent lifestyle alternatives, makes him a discern of infinite fascination.

As we maintain to look at Mayweather’s adventure spread, one factor is positive: he’ll always stay a huge discern within the global of sports activities and leisure.

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