If you’ve been tuning into the electrifying Monday Night RAW episodes lately, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the exhilarating rollercoaster of events. However, there’s one WWE Superstar who has been noticeably absent from the spotlight for a considerable stretch of time.



Unveiling the Status of an Absent WWE Star for Monday Night RAW

Allow me to introduce Johnny Gargano – a beloved fan-favorite and a former NXT Champion who dazzled on the developmental stage. However, since making his leap to the main roster, the road to substantial success has been a bit bumpy for him.

Interestingly, Gargano’s partner both in the ring and in life, Candice LeRae, recently took to her Instagram account to celebrate her husband’s birthday in a heartwarming post. In this delightful message, she not only expressed her love and appreciation for him but also let slip the fact that Gargano wouldn’t be gracing the Winnipeg arena tonight for RAW.

“Happy birthday to my incredible husband, my confidant, my soulmate, the one who holds my heart, the world’s best ‘Dah-d,’ and Pawdme’s cherished nap buddy. While it’s a bummer that we can’t be together today, I’m thrilled that you’re spending your special day with your true better half, Quill,” Candice LeRae penned with genuine affection.


Now, for those who’ve been following the intriguing narrative, Tommaso Ciampa has masterfully dropped subtle hints here and there about the possibility of a reunion between Johnny Wrestling and a potential partner-in-crime from their DIY days. The enticing prospect of a DIY comeback on the red brand is tantalizing, but as of my current writing, the exact moment when Gargano will grace WWE TV with his presence again remains a tantalizing mystery.

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As devoted fans of Sportskeeda Wrestling, we’re thrilled to extend our heartfelt birthday wishes to Johnny Gargano, hoping that his special day is nothing short of fantastic!

Switching gears slightly, let’s pivot to a potential shift in the WWE Women’s World title landscape. Although often relegated to the role of an enhancement talent, the incredibly talented Candice LeRae has left her mark within the NXT realm. Just last week, the RAW stage bore witness to a riveting altercation between her and Indi Hartwell against none other than the indomitable Rhea Ripley.


Rhea Ripley, the reigning queen of Judgment Day and the distinguished holder of the red brand’s women’s championship, may soon find herself with more challengers than she bargained for. Brace yourselves for the emergence of contenders such as the dynamic Liv Morgan and the powerhouse Raquel Rodriguez. The intriguing twist here is that the creative forces behind the scenes might be steering us towards an electrifying multi-woman showdown for the championship title.


In the dynamic world of WWE, mysteries and excitement abound. Stay tuned as the tales of Johnny Gargano’s return and Candice LeRae’s potential championship aspirations continue to unfold in ways that only the thrilling universe of professional wrestling can deliver.


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Johnny Gargano’s Awaited Return: The Anticipation Grows

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the return of Johnny Gargano, the speculation surrounding his comeback mounts with each passing day. Gargano’s journey from NXT to the main roster has been a captivating one, but his recent absence has left fans yearning for his signature in-ring excellence and undeniable charisma.

The subtle breadcrumbs left by Tommaso Ciampa, alluding to the revival of DIY, have ignited fervent discussions among fans. Could this potentially be the moment we witness the resurrection of a partnership that once held the NXT tag team division in thrall? While the exact timing of Gargano’s reentry into WWE TV remains shrouded in mystery, the excitement is palpable.


Candice LeRae: A Rising Force in the Women’s Division

Shifting gears back to the women’s division, Candice LeRae’s recent clash with Rhea Ripley has proven she’s not one to be underestimated. Despite being occasionally cast as an enhancement talent, LeRae’s NXT legacy and her fiery determination are undeniable. Her tenacity, coupled with the unexpected alliances forming around her, could very well lead to a fascinating shift in the landscape of the women’s championship scene.

Rhea Ripley, no stranger to competition, now faces a potential influx of challengers that could shake the foundations of her reign. Liv Morgan, known for her unyielding spirit, and Raquel Rodriguez, a powerhouse in her own right, are eyeing the championship with unbridled ambition. The prospect of a multi-woman showdown tantalizes fans with the promise of fierce rivalries and awe-inspiring clashes.

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Crafting the Future: WWE’s Creative Path

Behind the curtain, WWE’s creative team holds the strings that shape these enthralling narratives. With each episode, they weave a tapestry of drama, rivalry, and triumph that captivates audiences around the world. The orchestration of Johnny Gargano’s return and Candice LeRae’s ascent into contention demonstrates their ability to captivate and surprise.

In a world where storytelling and athleticism collide, the WWE Universe finds itself at the intersection of anticipation and awe. As the buzz around Johnny Gargano’s anticipated return grows and the women’s division braces for a collision of fierce competitors, we’re reminded of the unique magic that professional wrestling brings to our screens.


Conclusion: Awaiting Unveiling and Eager for More

In the dynamic realm of WWE, every chapter is a new revelation, every moment a potential game-changer. As we await the unveiling of Johnny Gargano’s triumphant return, and as Candice LeRae’s journey takes unexpected turns, one thing is certain – the excitement is boundless. The electrifying blend of athleticism, drama, and emotion continues to fuel our passion as fans and reminds us why WWE stands as a true juggernaut in the world of sports entertainment.

So, buckle up, dear fans, for the rollercoaster ride continues, and the next thrilling chapter is just around the corner. Stay tuned, stay engaged, and embrace the journey that is WWE – where the extraordinary becomes reality, and the possibilities are limitless.

By Jhone Marky

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