Stunning Upsets and Nail-Biting Races: Unveiling the Shocking Results of the County Runoff Election

In the aftermath of the August 29 runoff election held in Forrest and Lamar counties, there has been a reshuffling of key positions, although voter turnout was notably low. The need for a runoff arose when none of the initial candidates managed to secure the required majority of 50 percent plus one vote in the primary election held on August 8.

Among the notable outcomes, Zac Howell emerged victorious as the newly elected tax collector for Forrest County, prevailing over his opponent David Hogan by a margin of 3,074 votes to 2,538. Hogan, who currently holds the position of president of the Forrest County Board of Supervisors, faced a stiff challenge from Howell, the incumbent deputy tax collector. Notably, Howell’s win in the runoff secures his position, as no other contender remains for the upcoming November 7 general election. This victory builds on Howell’s strong performance in the August 8 primary election, where he garnered significant support.

In another significant race, Gentry Mordica clinched victory for District 1 Supervisor in Forrest County. Mordica, a Republican candidate, secured 1,133 votes, outpacing Wesley Clark, who garnered 533 votes. With no other competitors slated for the general election, Mordica is set to assume this role. His current role as District 1 election commissioner will transition as a special election is organized to fill that vacancy.

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The Democratic contest for District 4 Justice Court Judge in Forrest County remained uncertain on election night. Decarlo C. Hood and Robert Davis, both Democratic candidates, were locked in a neck-and-neck battle, with Hood securing 262 votes and Davis closely trailing with 260 votes. The tight race prompted officials to continue the vote count, especially considering the presence of affidavit votes. It is worth noting that the general election for this position will not feature any other contenders.

Moving to Lamar County, the race for District 1 Constable witnessed Jason Ashley prevailing over his rival Lance Emfinger by a significant margin of 715 votes to 347. Ashley’s victory further solidifies his position, as there is no opposition awaiting him in the general election. The primary election had already indicated Ashley’s strong support with 1,181 votes (38.75 percent), securing his pathway to victory.

While these election outcomes mark significant shifts in leadership roles within the counties, the overall voter turnout was relatively subdued. In Forrest County, a total of 6,149 residents participated in the electoral process, while in Lamar County, a modest turnout of 1,063 residents exercised their right to vote. These results reflect the intricacies and dynamics of local elections, where key decisions are made despite the challenges posed by turnout figures

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FAQs about the Recent County Runoff Election Results

Q1: What was the reason for the runoff election in Forrest and Lamar counties?

A1: The runoff election was conducted because none of the candidates in the initial primary election received the required majority of 50 percent plus one vote.

Q2: Who emerged as the new tax collector in Forrest County?

A2: Zac Howell emerged as the new tax collector in Forrest County, securing victory over his opponent David Hogan with a final count of 3,074 votes to 2,538.

Q3: What role did Gentry Mordica win in Forrest County?

A3: Gentry Mordica emerged victorious in the race for District 1 Supervisor in Forrest County, defeating Wesley Clark with a tally of 1,133 votes to 533.

Q4: How did the race for District 4 Justice Court Judge in Forrest County unfold?

A4: The Democratic race for District 4 Justice Court Judge in Forrest County was extremely close, with Decarlo C. Hood securing 262 votes and Robert Davis closely following with 260 votes. Officials were still counting affidavit votes to determine the winner.

Q5: Who is the new constable for District 1 in Lamar County?

A5: Jason Ashley emerged as the winner in the District 1 Constable race in Lamar County, securing 715 votes compared to Lance Emfinger’s 347 votes.

Q6: Were there any surprises in the election results?

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A6: The election witnessed some surprising upsets and closely contested races, particularly the tight competition for District 4 Justice Court Judge in Forrest County.

Q7: How did voter turnout in these counties compare to previous elections?

A7: Voter turnout was relatively low, with 6,149 residents participating in Forrest County and 1,063 residents casting ballots in Lamar County. The article highlights the challenges of local elections and their dynamics.

Q8: Will there be any further elections for the positions mentioned in the article?

A8: No further elections are slated for the positions mentioned in the article. The winners of the runoff election will assume their respective roles without facing additional challenges in the general election.

Q9: What were some notable accomplishments of the winners in their previous roles?

A9: Zac Howell, the new tax collector for Forrest County, was the deputy tax collector prior to his election. Gentry Mordica, the incoming District 1 Supervisor, served as District 1 election commissioner. Jason Ashley, the new constable in Lamar County, secured significant support in the primary election.

Q10: How did the candidates’ performances in the primary election affect the runoff?

A10: The candidates who garnered the most votes in the primary election carried their momentum into the runoff, ultimately influencing the final outcomes of the races.

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