The North Korean Navy's latest cruise missile armed corvette featuring the most advanced weapon systems and electronic equipment available in the North Korean inventory.

North Korea Reveals A New Cruise Missile-Armed Corvette

The North Korean Navy’s trendy corvette, an Amnok-magnificence vessel, became showcased in the course of an occasion wherein Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un changed into gift. The exact date of the visit become not disclosed in the document from Pyongyang’s state media. Kim Jong Un inspected the Guards 2nd Surface Ship Flotilla of the East Sea Fleet of the Navy of the Korean People’s Army, which holds the name of the O Jung Hup-led seventh Regiment.

661” launched a Hwasal-2 cruise missile during a naval drill with the presence of Kim Jong Un. Note one of the decoy launchers.
661” launched a Hwasal-2 cruise missile during a naval drill with the presence of Kim Jong Un. Note one of the decoy launchers.

During this demonstration, the corvette, named Patrol Ship No. 661, become displayed in element. On this occasion, the team of the corvette performed a drill involving the release of “strategic” cruise missiles. Notably, this event coincided with joint navy drills among South Korea and america, referred to as the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercising, taking region from August 21 to August 31. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the kingdom information business enterprise of North Korea, the missile launch became a hit, hitting the goal accurately.

The Amnok-elegance corvette, with an envisioned weight of two,000 lots, exhibits capabilities typically determined on contemporary warships. There is a clean attempt to reduce radar pass-segment (RCS) and integrate advanced weapons and sensors available in North Korea. Although a number of the onboard systems and weaponry are old whilst compared to Western or Asian designs, this marks a substantial development for North Korea. It’s probable that a number of the device, predominantly 2d-hand, is sourced from retired ships inclusive of the Najin-magnificence light frigates. Additionally, China may have provided sure additives from decommissioned vessels. The corvette, first identified as a brand new naval ship in 2016, has been underneath production seeing that 2011. There will also be a 2d unit akin to Patrol Ship No. 661 in carrier or fitting-out.

Kim Jong Un inspects the newest addition to the DPRK inventory, the Amnok-class corvette “661”. Photo by KCNA.
Kim Jong Un inspects the newest addition to the DPRK inventory, the Amnok-class corvette “661”. Photo by KCNA.

Regarding armament, the corvette capabilities an older 100mm gun at the foredeck, possibly a a hundred mm/fifty six (three.Nine”) B-34 Pattern 1940 version with a comparable cupola to the Chinese 100 mm/56 (3.9″) Type 79. The vessel also boasts 4 fixed quintuple rocket launchers designed for anti-submarine rockets, resembling the Russian/Soviet RBU-1200 launchers. These launchers aren’t horizontally swiveling however are aimed with the ship’s motion.

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The aft superstructure houses eight launchers for Hwasal-2 lengthy-variety (>2,000km) land attack/surface-to-surface cruise missiles, which might be purported to be capable of sporting nuclear warheads. Other capabilities encompass a sextuple short-range SA-16 (Igla) SAM launcher, an AK-630 CIWS, and manually operated 14.5mm 6-barrel gatling gun turrets. Amidships, concealed torpedo tubes and 6 sextuple decoy launchers are located, along with a small boat. The quarter deck holds a 2d AK-630 CIWS.

The mast holds a major radar reminiscent of the Chinese Type 362 (MR36A) 2D X-band air and floor search radar, together with two navigation radars, considered one of that’s an S-band Furuno. Atop the bridge are an EO/IR gimbal payload, a Nikhrom-RRM ESM/IFF, and a hearth manipulate radar (FCR) much like the antique Russian/Soviet MR-104. Additionally, optical naval artillery fireplace control systems similar to the Russian SP-520 are present. The vessel may incorporate a radar electronic help measures machine (R-ESM) and a radio course finder (RDF). A hull-installed sonar is possible, even though its presence can not be showed.

In summary, the Amnok-magnificence corvette may not stand out extensively as a floor combatant due to its outdated sensor and guns configuration. However, Patrol Ship No. 661 introduces a brand new dimension by means of owning the capability to launch nuclear-capable land attack cruise missiles, consequently imparting a capacity hazard to South Korea and Japan. This improvement forces each nations to rethink their protection strategies moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the North Korean Corvette and Missile Test

1. What is the importance of the North Korean corvette mentioned inside the article?

The article discusses a new corvette known as the Amnok-class, showcased to North Korean chief Kim Jong Un. This vessel is noteworthy for its ability to release “strategic” cruise missiles, which includes those with nuclear talents.

2. When did Kim Jong Un look into the corvette?

The actual date of Kim Jong Un’s visit to investigate the corvette changed into no longer disclosed in the nation media document.

3. What is the reason of the joint military drills cited within the article?

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The joint military drills mentioned in the article are the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercise, conducted through South Korea and the USA. These sports are designed to enhance the 2 countries’ navy readiness and coordination.

4. What is the function of the Patrol Ship No. 661 in the demonstration?

During the event, the team of Patrol Ship No. 661 tested the release of “strategic” cruise missiles. The ship’s a hit missile release become pronounced through the Korean Central News Agency.

five. What is the anticipated weight of the Amnok-elegance corvette?

The Amnok-magnificence corvette is envisioned to weigh around 2,000 heaps.

6. How does the corvette try to lessen radar pass-section (RCS)?

The corvette contains efforts to reduce radar pass-phase (RCS) to make it much less detectable to radar structures.

7. What sort of weaponry is installed at the corvette?

The corvette functions an older 100mm gun, anti-submarine rocket launchers, Hwasal-2 lengthy-range land attack cruise missiles, a sextuple quick-range SAM launcher, an AK-630 Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), 14.5mm gatling gun turrets, and probably torpedo tubes and decoy launchers.

8. What radar and sensor systems are onboard the corvette?

The corvette is prepared with a primary radar much like the Chinese Type 362 (MR36A) for air and floor seek, navigation radars together with an S-band Furuno, EO/IR gimbal payload, Nikhrom-RRM ESM/IFF, fireplace control radar (FCR), optical naval artillery fireplace control systems, and doubtlessly a radar electronic aid measures system (R-ESM) and radio direction finder (RDF).

9. Can the corvette be confirmed to have a hull-set up sonar?

The presence of a hull-mounted sonar on the corvette can’t be showed based on the to be had records.

10. What new hazard does Patrol Ship No. 661 pose?

Patrol Ship No. 661 introduces the functionality to launch lengthy-variety cruise missiles able to carrying nuclear warheads. This provides a new size to North Korea’s naval capabilities and poses a capacity hazard to South Korea and Japan.

eleven. How does Patrol Ship No. 661 impact nearby security?

The inclusion of a vessel capable of launching lengthy-variety nuclear-succesful cruise missiles activates South Korea and Japan to reconsider their safety techniques in mild of this new danger.

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12. Is there a second corvette just like Patrol Ship No. 661?

It is speculated that a 2d corvette similar in appearance and competencies to Patrol Ship No. 661 might be in carrier or present process outfitting.

13. What is the position of the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercising?

The Ulchi Freedom Shield exercising is a joint army drill conducted through South Korea and the US to decorate their navy readiness and coordination.

14. What type of missile did the corvette launch all through the demonstration?

The precise sort of missile released at some stage in the demonstration turned into no longer detailed within the article.

15. Are there any concerns approximately the outdated nature of the corvette’s weaponry and sensors?

Despite a few old additives in comparison to Western or Asian designs, the advent of the Amnok-magnificence corvette marks a widespread advancement for North Korea’s naval skills.

16. How does the corvette’s weaponry evaluate to trendy designs?

While some of the corvette’s weaponry and sensors are outdated, the vessel’s potential to release long-range nuclear-capable cruise missiles makes it a splendid development in North Korea’s naval talents.

17. What is the function of China in supplying additives for the corvette?

China is imagined to have furnished positive components for the corvette, probably from retired ships, even though the specifics aren’t special within the article.

18. What is the motive of the joint military drills between South Korea and the U.S.?

The joint military drills intention to beautify the military preparedness and coordination among South Korea and the United States.

19. How does the corvette’s radar and sensor systems make a contribution to its capabilities?

The corvette’s radar and sensor systems, including its main radar and optical hearth manage systems, contribute to its navigation, target monitoring, and combat abilties.

20. Is there facts approximately different countries’ responses to the new hazard posed with the aid of the corvette?

The article does not offer records approximately different international locations’ responses to the corvette’s abilties.

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