John Eastman gives Clarence Thomas a cursed endorsement

Donald Trump’s former lawyer, who’s charged with trying to overthrow the 2020 presidential election, signed a letter vouching for Thomas’ integrity.


More than one hundred former law clerks of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have released an open

letter vouching for the justice’s integrity after multiple reviews indicating Thomas has secretly benefited from lavish gift-giving from conservative benefactors over numerous years.


One signee stands out from the relaxation: John C. Eastman.

That’s proper,

the equal John Eastman who stands accused,

in both federal and nation indictments, of devising the prison approach utilized by Donald Trump to try to overturn the effects of the 2020 presidential election — and overthrow democratic governance for who knows how long.

Eastman now faces potential disbarment, which,

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to state the apparent, suggests he won’t be the satisfactory authority on prison integrity.


(Eastman legal professional Harvey Silverglate, who has argued that Eastman become supplying criminal recommendation and steering to Trump whilst he became president and didn’t do something wrong,


instructed NBC News: “John Eastman was a regulation clerk for Justice Thomas.

There is manifestly a cordial dating between them.”)


You can study the overall letter beneath, however I’ll come up with a quick breakdown here:

It’s pages of baroque lawyerspeak, and it opens with several paragraphs chronicling Thomas’ upbringing within the segregated South.

The first line had my eyes rolling just like the wheels of a Bombardier Global 5000 jet — which Thomas ought to know all approximately, having taken severa flights on proper-wing billionaire Harlan Crow’s non-public jet.

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On the U.S. Supreme Court is a Justice descended from West African slaves and born to a younger mother, not extra than 20, in segregated Georgia.

The letter claims Thomas is “ever the situation of political headlines taking intention at his man or woman, his judicial philosophy, his marriage,

even his race,” and it alleges that critiques of Thomas “are part of a bigger attack at the Court and its legitimacy as an group,”

which sounds pretty lacking in self-recognition coming from Eastman and corporation.


In essence, the regulation clerks have distilled to two pages the “high-tech lynching” argument used by conservatives to defend Thomas for the duration of his affirmation to the Supreme Court inside the early 1990s.

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Kinda humorous ain’t it? Many of those clerks are aligned with a national movement to whitewash the history of racism within the U.S., however here they may be weaponizing that records in protection of Thomas.

Eastman’s inclusion takes the cake, although.


Did no one have the heart to interrupt it to him that his involvement could make this complete letter seem even extra ridiculous than it already become?

A simple “John, maybe you need to sit this one out” might have sufficed.


Pro tip: If you’re going to collaborate on a letter vouching for one’s criminal repute,

it’s fine to ensure not one of the letter’s signees stand accused of some of the maximum heinous legal chicanery in present day records.

By Jhone Marky

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