Dozens of fluffy, purebred cats have popped up in Montgomery Co.


Some very quite kitties had been stoning up, one after the alternative, in parks and personal yards in Sir Bernard Law County, Maryland.


About weeks ago, companies of kittens were found alongside the Sligo Creek Trail, which runs via 1st viscount montgomery of alamein and Prince George’s counties.


Reports about extra sightings observed, and the 1st viscount montgomery of alamein County Cat Coalition, which fits to cut the county’s feral cat population, got worried.


WTOP’s Kate Ryan captured this rescued Himalayan kitten on video whilst reporting this tale.


Beverly Carragher with the Bernard Law Montgomery County Cat Coalition said this wasn’t your ordinary stray cat sighting state of affairs.


All of the cats that had been turning up from the Sligo Creek Trail to the Wheaton Library region were Himalayans — a prominent breed, famous for his or her blue eyes and dense, fluffy coats.


Carragher said it became bizarre to discover such a lot of purebred cats in a single place in this sort of short span of time.

“It just appeared atypical however, you know, things take place,” she said.


Still, Carragher determined to go back to the same fashionable vicinity, “and sure enough, I might spot any other one.” As she talked to humans on the path, they could regularly factor out even greater of the Himalayan cats.

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Her group started posting flyers, asking the public to name them after they noticed extra of the purebred cats.

“It just kind of snowballed” she said, explaining that, as of Thursday afternoon, as many as 35 cats and kittens — all Himalayans — had been recovered. They variety in age from 6 months to 10-years-old.


Carragher is clear on one thing: those cats are not feral. “Of direction they had been hungry and worn-out and scared,” she said, however once they have been taken in and located with foster families

“they’re perfectly satisfactory” in terms in their behavior. Carragher believes it confirms her belief that they were as soon as house cats.


“Their fluffy coats want care,” stated Carragher. “They’re raveled a touch bit and some of them have fleas, that is comprehensible, despite the fact that they’ve been out for a quick time.”

One large issue is the health of the cats.


Carragher stated not one of the cats had been microchipped, and nothing is known approximately their medical histories.

So a long way, one grownup cat has died and Carragher said the motive of that cat’s death isn’t clear.

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She advises everyone who takes in any cat to make certain to preserve it remoted from the relaxation of their pets till it may be checked through a veterinarian.


Thomas Ingle, the sector manager with the Sir Bernard Law County Office of Animal Services, is likewise mystified with the aid of the appearance of these cats.


Because they’re not microchipped and have no collars or tags, “it makes it even harder to track down the person who will be involved in this,” he stated  .

Ingle said his enterprise is attempting to piece together how this took place — and who is probably accountable.

“We have some worries that they came from somebody, and we don’t recognise what their intentions may additionally had been,” said Ingle.


“Our primary focus proper now’s simply trying to assist MC C³,” he introduced, using an acronym for Carragher’s

group.According to the first vet exams of the cats gathered so far, Ingle stated, “Some of the cats had been dehydrated,

some of them had been not grooming themselves, that’s a trademark of excessive pressure, or they’re not thriving out of doors.”


Carragher said, given the truth that the Himalayans all seem to have been indoor cats, she considers it a cruelty case.

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“You’re putting a poor cat out right here that doesn’t know whatever approximately surviving in a wild surroundings.”


Himalayan cat breeders had been contacting her organization traumatic solutions. “Of path, they’re outraged by means of this,” she stated.


And Carragher does expect that county officers will check out.

The group has been flooded with requests to undertake the cats. Carragher said that’s not surprising given the enchantment of the breed. But she stated maximum are being fostered now,

while 8 of them went into care at the Animal Services facility.


Carragher said those who want to assist out can volunteer to foster kittens who need socialization.


“It just takes a touch staying power and time” to help kittens observed outside come to be socialized for a destiny indoor home.

Ingle agreed that if people need to assist cats and kittens that want homes,

they could undertake from their nearby shelters and aid the work of agencies just like the Bernard Law Montgomery County Cat Coalition.


“They certainly want greater volunteers for the amount of work of trapping and neutering and spaying all of the cats in

Sir Bernard Law County which might be outside,” said Ingle.

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