Bungie Takes a Bold Leap into Remote Work and Offers Sneak Peek into Upcoming Project Post-'Destiny 2'

Bungie Takes a Bold Leap into Remote Work and Offers Sneak Peek into Upcoming Project Post-‘Destiny 2’

In an exciting move, Bungie, the genius minds behind the widely-loved online shooter, Destiny 2, recently announced their hunt for fresh talents who are ready to embrace remote work. This strategic step signifies their unwavering dedication to an avant-garde “digital-first future.”


Bungie Takes a Bold Leap into Remote Work and Offers Sneak Peek into Upcoming Project Post-'Destiny 2'
Bungie Takes a Bold Leap into Remote Work and Offers Sneak Peek into Upcoming Project Post-‘Destiny 2’


This decision underscores a continuous drive by Bungie, tracing back to a period predating their integration with Sony in July 2022, aimed at nurturing a comprehensive hybrid work culture.


Standing tall amongst the select group of prominent game developers, Bungie’s unwavering stance against enforcing a return-to-office directive stands out, even amidst significant investments in novel office spaces around Seattle. According to a Bungie spokesperson’s communication with GeekWire, the company boasts a roster of over 1,400 full-time professionals.


Exciting opportunities are on the horizon at Bungie, encompassing diverse roles in animation, art, engineering, and business development. Notably, these openings even include the prestigious position of a creative lead. As of now, Bungie welcomes remote workers from an array of states, including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The list extends to encompass Washington and the District of Columbia.


Beyond the prospect of new recruits, some of these dynamic talents will be spearheading an upcoming brainchild by Bungie. This project is described as a humor-laden, team-based action game set in an uncharted, science-fantasy cosmos. This revelation follows up on insights from February 2021, which hinted at Bungie’s intentions to dive into the creation of fresh intellectual properties.

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Eager anticipation surrounds one of the incubation projects that holds a special place in Bungie’s heart—an action game founded on teamwork and influenced by a medley of genres within an innovative, science-fantasy realm.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life simulations, and quirky frog-themed adventures, this game will come to life in a vibrant, comically inclined universe.


In addition to their exhilarating new venture, Bungie remains resolute in resurrecting the dormant Marathon franchise with an invigorating entry into the series. The captivatingly titled Marathon, a player-versus-player-versus-environment “extraction shooter,” was initially unveiled back in May during the PlayStation Showcase. It’s worth noting that this game, while not confined to PlayStation platforms, has yet to receive a fixed launch date at the time of writing.


Bungie enthusiasts, mark your calendars! A virtual presentation scheduled for August 22 is poised to unveil the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, “The Final Shape.” This monumental event marks the culmination of an overarching narrative arc for both Destiny 2 and the original Destiny. While this may not signal the end of Destiny 2 itself, it does herald a new chapter for the franchise after a thriving run of nine years.


A recent announcement on August 10 revealed a captivating twist: the charismatic NPC Commander Zevala within Destiny 2 will now be voiced by Keith David, the illustrious talent behind iconic roles in “They Live,” “Platoon,” and “Mass Effect.” This torch-passing moment pays tribute to the late Lance Reddick, who masterfully breathed life into Zevala from the inception of the Destiny universe in 2014. Reddick’s immortal lines will forever resonate within the game.

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Bungie’s dedication to remote work, innovative projects, and narrative evolution underscores their status as a trailblazing force within the gaming industry. As they continue to chart unexplored territories, their legacy remains one of pushing boundaries and sparking excitement in the hearts of gamers worldwide.


1. What is Bungie’s approach to remote work?

Bungie has embraced a “digital-first future” by actively hiring remote workers. This is part of their commitment to creating a more flexible work culture that allows talents from various states, including California, Texas, New York, and more, to contribute to their projects without being confined to a physical office.


2. How does Bungie stand out in the gaming industry regarding remote work?

Bungie sets itself apart by adopting a hybrid work culture even after significant investments in office spaces. They are one of the few major game developers vocal about not mandating a return to the office, fostering a dynamic work environment that combines remote and in-office collaboration.


3. What’s the scoop on Bungie’s upcoming project?

Bungie’s next venture is a team-based, comedic action game set in a brand-new, science-fantasy universe. Drawing inspiration from various genres, including fighting games and platformers, the game promises a lighthearted, comedic experience that breaks conventions.


4. Will Bungie be reviving the Marathon franchise?

Yes, Bungie has exciting plans for the Marathon franchise. They’ve announced a new entry, titled “Marathon,” which is a player-vs.-player-vs.-environment “extraction shooter.” While it’s not exclusively tied to PlayStation, the release date has yet to be confirmed.

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5. What’s happening with Destiny 2’s storyline?

Bungie’s upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, “The Final Shape,” will mark the conclusion of the overarching narrative for both Destiny 2 and the original Destiny. While this might not signify the end of Destiny 2 itself, it’s a significant milestone that hints at a new storyline to come.


6. Who will be voicing Commander Zevala in Destiny 2?

Keith David, known for his roles in “They Live,” “Platoon,” and “Mass Effect,” will be voicing Commander Zevala in Destiny 2. He takes over the role from Lance Reddick, who voiced the character since the inception of the Destiny universe. Reddick’s existing lines will still be in the game.


7. When can we expect more details on Bungie’s developments?

Bungie has scheduled a virtual presentation for August 22, where they will unveil the next Destiny 2 expansion, “The Final Shape.” This event will offer deeper insights into their future plans and projects.


8. How does Bungie’s new approach benefit gamers?

Bungie’s commitment to remote work and innovative projects promises fresh and exciting experiences for gamers. Their dedication to fostering a flexible work environment and exploring new game concepts ensures a continuous stream of creativity and engagement.


9. Where can I find more information about Bungie’s projects and announcements?

Keep an eye on Bungie’s official social media channels and website for the latest updates, announcements, and insights into their projects, remote work culture, and upcoming games.

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