i writing about A Game-Changer: Dan Stevens Transforms Solar Opposites and Elevates the Series When Hulu decided to part ways with Justin Roiland, co-creator of Solar Opposites, due to domestic assault charges, it triggered a pressing question: Who would now step into the shoes of Korvo, the fiery extraterrestrial who takes on a paternal role for his team of Shlorpian refugees?



Although Roiland has since been cleared of the charges, his association with Hulu remains severed. This is where Dan Stevens, renowned for his roles in Downton Abbey, Beauty and the Beast, and a variety of indie projects, enters the scene. In June, Stevens was announced as the new voice behind Korvo, and the results have exceeded expectations.

Within the series, the transition is cleverly addressed in the opening moments of the season premiere. An accident involving the iconic Cheers dartboard, “famous darts,” and a voice-altering ray provides the explanation for the shift in Korvo’s voice. The outcome is a deeper, more British accent (complete with authentic slang), a change that Yumyulack initially suggests rectifying but is met with resistance from Terry (Thomas Middleditch), who asserts, “No, this is working for me.”

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Terry’s sentiment holds true—Stevens’ portrayal is not just effective, it’s remarkably superior. This shift might be precisely what Solar Opposites needed to elevate its status. In a post-#MeToo era, we’ve witnessed instances where productions have rebounded after distressing revelations, with some changes leading to actual enhancements. Notable examples include Tig Notaro replacing Chris D’Elia in Army of the Dead and the introduction of an eloquent British character to passionately criticize human folly.


Co-created by Mike McMahon (known for Star Trek: Lower Decks), Solar Opposites has existed somewhat under the shadow of Rick and Morty (Roiland’s more recognized creation) in terms of cultural prominence. Yet, since its debut, the show’s writing has been exceptionally ambitious. The inclusion of multi-season mini-narratives like The Wall showcases the series’ capacity to interweave multiple stories within a single framework.

To elaborate briefly on The Wall: Within Yumyulack and Jesse’s room, a wall is adorned with interconnected terrariums housing humans shrunken to the size of toy figurines. Initially introduced in the pilot, The Wall has evolved into a self-sustaining storyline, complete with its society and, by Season 4, a religious war between factions, reflecting their struggle for survival.

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Picture a scenario where Rick and Morty dedicates an entire episode each season to a fresh chapter of an ongoing post-apocalyptic saga—featuring A-list talents like Sutton Foster and Christina Hendricks. This innovation is just one of many narrative experiments the show has undertaken. Another example is SilverCops, a spinoff-within-the-show, starring Kieran Culkin as a former Earth resident turned space cop after being exiled into space by alien neighbors.

While it might not consistently excel in continuous character development—such as the subtle romantic relationship between Korvo and Terry established between Seasons 1 and 2—each episode is laden with eccentric elements that warrant closer examination. Perhaps the change in casting could invigorate this exploration.


Roiland himself has noted that of all his roles, Korvo proved most taxing on his voice. This strain is palpable upon revisiting earlier episodes. Stevens, on the other hand, maintains Korvo’s intensity while injecting a newfound effortlessness, possibly influenced by his refined British demeanor. This is further complemented by the incorporation of British profanity and a more nuanced delivery, even during Korvo’s most melodramatic moments. The switch from Roiland’s audacity to Stevens’ dulcet tones instantaneously enriches every facet of the character. Crucially, once acclimated to the change, it seamlessly integrates into the narrative, amplifying Korvo’s sense of alienation on Earth.

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The prospect of replacing Roiland’s roles on Rick and Morty—where he voiced both titular characters—presents a more complex challenge. However, executive producer Steven Levy revealed at Comic-Con that the process is nearly complete. More notably, Levy confirmed that the new voices will be “sound-alikes,” closely mimicking Roiland’s original portrayals of Rick and Morty. This choice is likely prudent given the passionate nature of Rick and Morty fans. Nevertheless, it’s regrettable that the series isn’t venturing down the same transformative path as Solar Opposites—a path that not only replaces but also improves for the better.

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